Who is Colyn Brown?

Hi, I'm a father, a husband, and I've been designing and developing web sites since 1995. As an avid user and consumer of the web, my focus as a developer has always been on ensuring the best possible user experience. Engineering and design are just the tools to help me make that happen. My core skill set includes:

  • NodeJS
  • Front-End Tooling
  • PHP
  • Database Design (MySQL, MongoDB, SQL Server)
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • User Interface Design
  • Ecommerce Design

I've been a senior PHP dev, a front end Javascript and CSS dev, and a development manager, for over 10 years in a variety of industries, including real estate auctions, publishing, and ecommerce. I've used a lot of different content management systems, and I've built custom content management systems. I've built and designed entire shopping carts. I've designed and built auction platforms. I've done less engineer-y stuff too... I've created CSS and component style and development guides, and I've designed many user interface wireframes and mockups, and functional specifications.

Though my experience in web development covers a lot of areas, I will be blogging about all the front end things that I've been learning about lately. In my opinion, in my close to 20 years of experience on the web, there is no better time than now to be a front end developer. It's not without its frustration but I'm having a lot of fun.

Tell me about the tech behind this blog

As of today, the site is powered by Docpad and hosted on Github. You can read my introductory post on my decision to use it.

I set it up so that, if you are so inclined, anyone can edit any of the posts. If you see something wrong, a typo, or I'm factually wrong about something, instead of telling me about it in the comments or in an email, you can edit the page yourself in Github, then just submit a pull request to have it reviewed. At the bottom of every page, there's a "Edit this Page" button. Clicking it will take you to the version of the page in Github where you'll be able to edit it. You can even submit a whole article of your own. Just be aware that at this time I don't have any editorial guidelines, other than you need to write about something useful within the front end world, and just make sure it's clear. Honestly, the whole thing is just an experiment so I'm not taking it too seriously, so have fun with it.

What's up with the Battle of the Planets avatar?

Not sure exactly. It was a cartoon I was hooked on as a kid. There's an aesthetic quality and craftsmanship to that show that has always amazed and inspired me. I started using it as an avatar many years ago and I've had it for so long, I can't let go of it.

Found this useful?

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