Go-Static! is a static site generator that employs the tools developers already know and love. Yeoman to scaffold out your project and Grunt to generate the output.

Introducing Go-Static!
How To Create a New Post
How To Create a New Page

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Introducing Go-Static!

Getting Started

Go Static! depends on Yeoman, so make sure you have it installed:

$ npm install -g yo

Once you have Yeoman installed, you can install Go-Static! with NPM:

$ npm install -g generator-go-static

With Go-Static! installed, you can now initialize your working directory:

$ mkdir my-blog && cd $_
$ yo go-static

Creating your first post

If everything intialized correctly, you can now use Go-Static! to create your posts for you.

$ yo go-static:post

You will be presented with some questions regarding the post, such as title, snippet, tags, etc. If everything went ok, it will generate a report of exactly what was generated for you.

You don't have to write just posts, you can create pages also:

$ yo go-static:page

The build step

Once your pages and posts are created, it's time to generate the output and serve it up.

$ grunt server

Running the server Grunt task will build and watch your code for changes. If you prefer to just run the build step, just run:

$ grunt build

That's it!


Go-Static! has just been born and still needs work to be awesome. If you'd like to help make it awesome, let me know!


MIT License